Press Release Half-Price Special through April 3, 2017

No matter what stage you’re at in growing your business—just starting out, seeking to expand, or struggling to hold your market share—nothing serves better to keep you in the public eye than top-notch PR.

How many thousands of dollars have you sunk into advertising, with little or nothing to show for your investment? That’s because advertising is recognized for what it is: You talking about You. PR, on the other hand, has the power of word of mouth. It’s other people talking about you.

But to get that started, you have to get the word out to the people who do the talking. That’s what a Press Release is all about.

What Can a Press Release Bring to You and Your Company?

  • Instant Exposure in local and/or national magazines and newspapers
  • Invitations to Be a Guest on TV and Radio Shows
  • Branding as Industry Expert
  • Highlighting of Your Community Leadership
  • Affordable Marketing to Huge Targeted Audiences
  • Increased Sales – Impress Potential Customers with the Benefits of Your Offering
  • More Traffic to Your Website – on which you can capitalize to build your contact list
  • Recognition from Reporters – who Will Be On the Lookout for You in the Future
  • Increased Exposure Online through Keyword Dominance
  • Cost-Effective Access to Deep-Pocket Investors

Best of all, it can do all that for you without breaking the bank!

Sample Press Release:

Sample Press Release

If you’ve used Press Releases in the past, you may not have gotten the results you were looking for. It happens. The world is a busy place these days, and catching the eye of the reporters and editors who can make a difference for you isn’t easy. Our press releases show about an 80% pickup rate — 8 out of 10 have resulted in articles or mentions in local media. 
In case you’re wondering, that’s really good.
But the truth is, nothing succeeds like the familiarity that comes with a full-fledged Press Release Campaign. That’s why most businesses go with a full Campaign.
If you’ve checked out Press Release pricing lately, you know that professionally authored Press Releases don’t come cheap. We normally charge $300 per release, or $1500 for a 6-Release Campaign. But this week, to introduce you to our services and help you generate a response that will accomplish your goals, we’re offering a Half-Price Special.
That’s right — One Press Release for just $150, or a 6-Release Campaign for only $750.
 That’s a savings of up to $750!!!  
This is an unheard-of great deal,
available this week only.
Best of all, you can use these Press Releases anytime over the next 6 months—anytime before October 1st. That gives you plenty of time to think up something newsworthy to focus on.
Payments processed by Paypal; However, you do not need a PayPal account to order by Credit or Debit Card.

Single Press Release

$150 thru April 3, 2017

6-Press-Release Campaign

$750 thru April 3, 2017

DISCLAIMER and TERMS: In what follows, “we” refers to Chiwah Slater,, and our partners and affiliates: Your purchase constitutes a contractual agreement and all monies paid are nonrefundable. If you are dissatisfied with the contents of a Press Release, let Chiwah know and we will do everything in our power to meet your reasonable expectations. You accept sole responsibility for submitting the Press Release to the target publications and/or media; we are in no way and at no time responsible for submission of Press Releases. No guarantee that your Press Release(s) will be picked up by media and/or news agencies is intended or implied in connection with this offer.