V. Lynn Hawkins on Crowdfunding

Are you looking for funds to finance your authoring projects?

V. Lynn Hawkins, certified accelerated business development mentor and small business funding strategy expert, discusses how crowdfunding can help you create your books and get them out to the world.

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Crowdfunding is a valuable tool for any author, and Lynn’s Crowdfunding Success Blueprint makes her advice easy to follow and implement. 

Lynn is an author, speaker, teacher, CEO of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, and co-CEO of Positive Impact Makers.Her passion is to help women-owned small business ventures grow more rapidly, holistically, and sustainably. 

Her book is called Dream It, Fund It. What author doesn’t dream about having a best seller? And yet few have the funding piece. The book walks you through the 5 essential steps of Lynn’s signature blueprint to help you get your funds together, covering in detail each to the items discussed in the video.

Lynn does consulting and has a digital product, The Crowdfunding Success Boot Camp.

Lynn’s interest in helping nonprofit and for-profit organizations began with writing grants for her mom, who started a nonprofit program for the elderly in the early 1970s. 



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