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Everyone judges a book by its cover.

Your book cover is the most important element of your book. It has a huge job to do! Unless it inspires prospective readers to pick the book up and look inside, or to check it out more thoroughly online, no one will ever read a word of what you’ve written.

On an ebook, it’s the front cover that counts. On a print book, the front cover, spine, and back cover all play critical roles in enticing readers into the book itself.

    Your well-chosen book title must be clearly legible even when the cover is reduced to thumbnail size. 
  • Your book’s title and subtitle, if any, must convey clearly what the book is about.
  • The cover image, if any, should reflect the subject matter and tone of the book and create just the right emotional response in the viewer.
  • Your name as the author should be clear and well placed to draw just the right amount of attention without detracting from the overall effect.
  • A single font is best, although sometimes it works to use two different fonts.
  • The colors must blend well together and create the desired emotional response.
  • Even though your book may never sit on the shelf of a bookstore, it’s a good idea to choose a cover design that is similar to other books in its genre. Resist the temptation to go for a different look.