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Need some help to move you forward?

Maybe you’re just thinking about writing a book. Or you may have started writing, but gotten mired in doubt and indecision as to how it should be structured. Perhaps the structure you’ve imposed upon yourself is causing you to feel penned in? Or your ideas may have changed as time rushed on, and now your new thoughts don’t fit with what you’ve already written.

Or perhaps you’ve simply stopped writing because life got in the way.

Don’t Give Up!

If any of the above sounds like you and your situation, or if you’ve gotten stalled for any other reason, it can be tempting to just let the project go. But that would be a shame, because you really do have an important message to get out to the world. That’s why you decided to write a book in the first place, isn’t it?

Here’s Why I Understand Your Problem

Believe me, I do understand. I’ve been there myself, lost in a project whose middle didn’t fit with its beginning and whose end was nowhere in sight. I’ve struggled with balancing my schedule to find time for the writing, with indecision and doubt that made me want to table the whole project. And that’s what I did. Until I discovered the solution, the simple insight that made everything easy and delightfully challenging.

Could my solution be YOUR solution?

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Yes, it could. (That’s what you’re expecting me to say, right? You’ve probably read tons of sales letters in which the author says that after years of struggle they finally found the perfect solution, and now they’re going to teach it to you.)

Well, guess what! That’s not what I’m going to tell you. Yes, I did find the perfect solution—for me. But unless you’re a cookie, chances are no cookie-cutter approach to authoring is going to work for you.

If what’s stalling you in your writing is the same thing that was holding me back, then yes, the solution I discovered will work for you, too. But if it’s some other issue that has you trapped in its clutches, you’re going to need a different solution. Agreed?

What Makes a Book Coach Your Most Valuable Asset?

Over the last 25+ years I have coached plenty of authors. I’ve edited some of their books too, and I’ve ghostwritten books for those who didn’t feel up to doing the writing themselves. And now, although I sometimes have other writers and editors working for me, I still do all the book coaching myself.

Why? Because in addition to writing and editing skill, book coaching requires the ability to draw you out, to help you discover what’s really stopping you—often quite different from what you think is stopping you—and to help you look more deeply into yourself to uncover the hidden wisdom you need to move your book forward.

Get the Help You Need!

We all need a little help once in a while from someone who’s been around the block and shown others the way, too. If you’re ready to move forward with your book, here’s how I can help you:

  • Get your book out fast, with ease — Planning and Organization, Time Management, Writing for Impact, Editing, Book Design, Publishing
  • Position yourself for business success — Most people consider a book THE most reliable indicator of expertise! (And unfortunately, most book coaches don’t understand positioning. You need a book coach who’s also a book marketing coach!)
  • Learn fun ways to market your book — It doesn’t have to be hard. It does have to be consistent. You need a book coach who’s also a book marketing coach.
  • Build a platform for paid speaking engagements … and more!

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Explore the appropriateness of this offer for you by calling 1-442-615-0399 to discuss your writing project with:

Chiwah Carol Slater face shotChiwah Carol Slater B.A., M.A., Ph.D.c. Ghostwriter/Book Editor/Book Coach/Book Marketing Coach 25+ years’ experience


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What Clients Say About Working with Me

“Chiwah Carol Slater completely rewrote and edited my first novel, No Nude Swimming. She encouraged me to enter it in contests. It became a finalist in Dan Poynter’s Global e-Book Awards in June, 2012.

“I came to Chiwah by a referral from a friend. Prior experience had left me with unfulfilled representation and unsatisfactory performance, and I was cautious about entering into an agreement for writing/editing services. With Chiwah I received all that I bargained for, and more.

“Chiwah’s knowledge base, skill set, and professional experience are nothing less than extraordinary, head and shoulders above the others’. Chiwah kept the story in my voice and style while adding her own ideas consistent with my story.

“What underlies Chiwah’s skills is perhaps even more important than her talent: her integrity, motivation, capacity, understanding, and knowledge. Chiwah is always forward-thinking in an empathic manner, knowing what I would want and how I would want the characters and scenes to play themselves out in the story, chapter by chapter. She added perspective in critical parts that I had not considered.

“Chiwah also brought me an understanding of Internet marketing and sales I was not aware of when first retaining her services for writing and editing.

“Chiwah’s expertise comes with a positive can-do state of mind toward accomplishment.  I surely received much more than I anticipated or paid for.”

— Robert H. Gottlieb, Attorney, Menifee, CA

* * *

“Many thanks to Chiwah Carol Slater for her professional help in writing my book, Triumph of Dreams. She coached me, edited the English edition, and formatted the book in both English and Spanish. She has tremendous creativity and a great talent for helping you get across what you want to say, layout, design and promotional writing. She is reliable and goes one step ahead in the writing process with extremely valuable knowledge and perception.”

— Ruth P. Douglass, Phoenix, AZ

* * *

“I am so fortunate to have had Chiwah as coach and editor on my book, Against All Odds. I highly recommend her work. She did an excellent job. Her work made my book interesting and easy to read. Thanks to Chiwah, it is a good seller.”

— Doris Hayes, San Diego, CA

* * *

“Chiwah took what I’d written and massaged it and turned it into a book that makes me look like a great writer.”

— Malcolm Scott Miller, San Diego, CA

* * *

“For twenty years I kept correspondence and writings, and on many occasions tried to put them into book form. Chiwah was able to take the volumes of writings and boil them down to a richer essence. We would meet weekly and I would fight to keep every word exactly as it was, while she read to me what it could be. I admire her patience, for when I let time pass and went back through the material to put in pictures and chapter titles I realized what a tremendous job she had done.

“I reviewed and worked with her distillation of my material until it was time for a second round of editing. Chiwah was my clear choice. Again she led the process, showing me the magic I could perform with content selection, word choice, and sentence structure.

“We discussed my resistance to help me come to peace with my ego and what was best for my book. My thoughts and ideas were important to me, and yet I needed that special someone with a balance of interest and distance to bring my brainchild to maturity and help me let it go into the world on its own.

“When you hire a book coach or editor, you are entering into a relationship with someone to alter and improve that which you care deeply about. Chiwah was the perfect mix of gentle strength to guide me through my process.” — T.C. Townsend, Oceanside, CA


“Thank you so much, Chiwah, for the care you put into editing my book, 7 Fires, and for helping me avoid some wrong turns in publishing. I do believe your involvement was synchronistic and rather serendipitous. The book has come out beautifully.  Everyone likes it. Because you also have some understanding and admiration towards Native American people, your editing was extraordinarily good.” — Rod Bearcloud Berry, Sedona, AZ

* * *


“Chiwah did an awesome job editing and formatting my book, The World’s Richest Busboy. She was not only pleasant to work with but she stuck with me until the absolute end. No matter how many times I was finally “finished” with my book she kept making my “last” change right up until the moment the ink hit the pages. She was always avalible with good advice and I feel like I’ve got someone I trust for future projects. I would highly recommend Chiwah to anyone seeking dependability and professionalism. Thanks again, Chiwah!” — J.J. Brito,  Author of The World’s Richest Busboy

* * *

“Thank you very much for your quick response and a great job on my children’s book.” — Lily Birmingham, San Diego

“I have found Chiwah a most capable editor for my two children’s books, The Adventures of Neanderthal Ned and Megan’s Big Birthday. Her vast experience with writing brings a wide variety of knowledge that promotes the writing to a higher level of clarity. She has a knack for making words flow that makes even complex paragraphs easy to understand. I highly recommend her services to any author.” — Doug Drago, Vista, CA

* * *

I am an RN educator and developer of health education courses for the lay public and for health care providers nationwide, including nurses and physicians.    I have utilized the services of Ms. Slater on multiple occasions for editing and revisions. Ms. Slater demonstrates tremendous attention to detail, double checking facts and figures. Her performance in all areas is excellent. I plan to utilize her services on future projects and highly recommend her. — P. Holly, R.N., M.S.N.

* * *


“I thank my editor, Chiwah Carol Slater, who so beautifully reshaped my message into eloquent prose. Chiwah rocks!” — Rise’ Harrington, San Diego, CA

* * *

Get 3 Hours' Personalized Coaching 3